Developing the Concept

As I said, for me, the goal is two-fold: a. to be able to explore something about which I am passionate on a deeper level and b. maybe, if I am lucky, to figure out a way to earn a living doing something that I really love. I would just like to be doing something in which I have always had an interest and something which I find more inspiring at this point in my life. It would be fantastic if I could also figure out how to support myself financially at the same time!

So, this is the source of the drive to explore making this career change. In designing programs and events, which I’ve done in my professional life, one of the key components has been the audience. Why put something together when it isn’t anything for which anyone wants to show up? My friends have always been very encouraging when it comes to my feeding them physically. What will happen when I decide to put together menus and challenge them to try to make the recipes themselves? (Sort of a virtual cooking school, if you will.)

I always feel like my urban, singleton life is very far removed from that of most of my friends. When I go to visit them at their suburban homes, full of kids and toys, full-sized cars in the driveway, my small kitchen and monthly subway pass seem a whole world away. Or is it? Maybe we actually, at the heart of it, have the same overall concerns: how to make good, nutritious meals on a budget; how not to get bored with our own cooking day after day; how to keep on top of the latest food information and health concerns. Do they use cooking magazines? Do they watch any of the culinary-based shows? How many cookbooks do they use? For example, is there any correlation between size of kitchen and number of meals cooked in it?

So, this is part of the process to develop this business idea. Of course, hopefully, it will be entertaining and useful at the same time, but at heart it is really about creating something useful, something that will draw an audience. I’d like to get folks excited about the food that they eat again, get them interested to try new tastes and to develop new skills. I think we can all use a bit of a jolt to our culinary repertoires.