Peeps, Please – 5th Avenue Easter Parade

Spring seems to have finally sprung here in New York. Every year, it somehow feels, as the last snows fall and the temperatures continue to linger near the freezing range, that it takes longer, and longer to come. One of the delights of the season, aside from the great new produce at the local markets, is the arrival of tulips on Park Avenue in time for the holidays.
This year, perhaps I was more observant, but I was struck by how vibrant the colors seemed to be. Even the anti-truck-crashing barricades in front of every building, usually bleak and grey, are now a virtual multi-hued floral symphony. One could even say that they are attractive.
Gorgeous Dahlin’

In fact, this array seemed to remind me of other harbingers of the season. What do I mean? Why Peeps®, of course. Along with the other Easter basket candy mentioned in my post of last week, Peeps® were another not-favored treat that would sometimes be found on that Sunday morning. I’ve never understood why they are so popular, but maybe I just don’t get it. There are loads of websites dedicated to Peeps®and their “charms.”

Easter Hat with REAL Peeps®

So, I did some secondary Peep® research. What are Peeps®, those of you outside the U.S. ask? (I’m assuming that if you’ve lived here at all, you will know what these are.) Well, I refer you to the definition and photo provided by Wikipedia. If you click on the word Peeps® highlighted above, you will connect to the official website. The thing about Peeps® is that people fall pretty much into two camps: abhor them, or adore them. There’s not really an in-between.
By way of research for you, faithful readers, I went searching for them to demonstrate their tonal similarity to the tulips that had also recently sprung up in town. After canvassing at least 6 drug stores, in various neighborhoods in Manhattan, I came up empty. The only Peeps® I could find were a small package of orange-crème flavored, egg-shaped ones – hardly the traditional kind for which I was looking.
Easter Hat with toy Peeps®
Where are the Peeps®? Was there some great run on them? Was there hoarding going on in the city? These questions even caused a stir on Gothamist. I turned to my mother, who kindly sent an article from The Washington Post of last year, which described how to make them. The article even mentions “Jousting Peeps®.” They are so amazingly versatile. [I will confess that I have never been a participant in this type of Peep® destruction.]
Still rather befuddled by the lack of these marshmallow treats in the city, I decided to make my peace with the Peep®-less day and headed towards the Easter Parade near St. Patrick’s Cathedral. While dodging the busy meandering crowds and others snapping pictures of those in their holiday finery.

Buon appetito!


  1. Mrs. Minnesota
    Mrs. Minnesota04-18-2006

    Here in 70 degree Minnesota we have an annual peeps diorama content. There were some very good entries, including one representing Salvador Dali’s painting (the one with the melting clocks).

    As the paper exclaimed,
    “Entries in our annual marshmallows-as-medium contest topped 400″

    Those are some great tulip shots! It’s looking quite impressive out there!

  2. theexperimentalgourmand

    Thanks! I think that some of them only made it to the weekend, but it’s still quite pretty and colorful. It was rather dreary with all the dead cabbages.

    So…the real question is have you used your Easter present yet? Did you notice the new email function that I set up so that you can send the recipes to yourself.

  3. Mary

    please tell me that with this blog you didn’t give mom any ideas…….i mean do you remember “the swap hat”?!!!!