No Strike!

Yesterday, at midnight plus one minute, the union representing doormen and porters didn’t go on strike as we were all put on alert, prepared for them to do. What does that mean? Well, this is the union that helps maintain and run the apartment buildings in Manhattan on regular basis. Well, what does that mean, exactly?
It means that the people who control access to the buildings, facilitate deliveries, and assist those who might need help on a daily basis are still at their posts. What would have happened if they had gone on strike? Aside from biting the hand that feeds them with holiday bonuses and tips, it would have meant quite a few things.
First of all, no food deliveries. Yes, that means, the end of one of the best inventions ever – ordering bagels to be delivered so that I can hang out in my pjs and do things around the apartment. This was the sincere shame of my youngest sibling, who has her own reputation for being a slug.
She thought I’d hit a new low in laziness after she saw me do this on one of her visits. Of course I didn’t tell her that I got the idea from a friend who used to order her own “hangover egg and cheese on a roll” from her local deli as necessary. I like to see it as helping along the local economy – and I make sure to give a nice tip.

The strike would have also meant no dinner deliveries [shudder], no grocery deliveries as these were suspended in most buildings. This was not welcomed by the main purveyor of on-line ordering foodstuffs, Fresh Direct, although they were trying to convince New Yorkers that they had the whole delivery thing worked out. I’m not sure what one of my former roommates would have done to survive. He ordered in dinner almost every single night. I’m not sure that I ever saw him cook!

On a more serious note, for the home-bound, this would not just have been an inconvenience, it would also have meant that getting their basic needs met would have been difficult. I’m sure that some contingency had already been worked out to cover this, but for many New Yorkers having the ability to get food and modern conveniences delivered to their door is more than just a luxury. It’s nice to see both sides of a contract negotiation work out amicably for the moment.

Buon appetito!

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  1. Julia

    Oh man, having food delivered. I miss that! The deli downstairs from my building in Stuy Town would even deliver a single cup of coffee! Nothing beat hangovers like their french toast. Who wants to go out for breakfast when you can have it brought to your door? Having groceries delivered was another big plus, as was having dry cleaning delivered. Never could figure out why other cities didn’t get the hang of the delivery business.