Name Change – From Banking to Blogging to The Experimental Gourmand

You may notice that there’s yet another break in the sequence in which I usually post, especially as I took a hiatus a while back. I’ve been debating changing the name of this blog for a while and decided during my “six-month self-review” – triggered most likely by the fact that we’ve been going through these at work as well lately – that I should just take the plunge and not hesitate any longer.  I’ve decided to call this blog The Experimental Gourmand instead of “From Banking to Blogging.”

Today is a bank holiday in the United States. As I couldn’t afford to take off yesterday, it is sort of weird week for me. Saturday and Sunday were filled with the usual scramble to get errands done. Yesterday was really quiet, even more so than the day after Thanksgiving, and lots of places seemed closed. The financial markets closed at 1:00 p.m. and, in one of the major perks of working in the industry, some of us got to leave a couple of hours later, several hours before my usual departure time. Ahhhh, I did miss that when I was temping for non-financial companies.

What getting home when there was still plenty of sunlight did, was give me time to deal with the pile of magazines and papers on my floor. You know the one. It starts to take on a life of its own, growing, spreading, until really you think it should be paying rent in your room. It looked much larger earlier in the day. O.K. Maybe the rest of you have a more ordered existence than I.

In the pile were some great notes and recipe ideas. I also discovered some thoughts for the blog that I’d scribbled on various pieces of paper. It made me realize how much this concept I’d discussed a little more than six months ago over coffee with a friend has evolved more into something that does what the title now suggests: explore experimenting with food and enjoying various tastes.

It is my hope that the new title doesn’t scare anyone away and, in fact, draws some of you “lurkers” (the term for those who read but don’t post – I didn’t make that up, btw) out to post your comments and ideas. Cooking and eating are about experimenting and trying new things and new recipes. I hope that my photos and tips will inspire you to do just that.

Buon appetito! (and now I have to return to the Italy-Germany game to root for my Azzurri – yes, that is a link to ESPN, probably one of the only that will ever happen on this site)