Updates to Previous Posts

Given the ever-changing nature of information, I’ve decided that every so often, I need to go back to earlier musings and give them a bit of a buff and shine, update them as it were. Several of the topics on which I’ve written previously have come up in other areas. Clicking on the bolded word(s) will link you to the original article. The link to the update follows the blurb about what’s new.
Taco Party – I never thought that my little ode to picky childhood eating habits would be a trend-setter, but it looks like Chow (the food website that is the successor to the failed, tried-to-be-hip food magazine) took my idea and spiffed it up quite a bit, making it more authentic and less 70s/80s-era suburban. The upshot is the same, though: do-it-yourself dinner can be fun for everyone. (see link)
Toast – Remember when I said that I just wanted said appliance to make toast, nothing else? Well, it seems as though not everyone agrees with me on this. I’ve see this version advertised elsewhere but had not known until I came across this article that now there is a celebrity endorsement for something that I consider a bit excessive. (see link)
S’mores – I have to thank my mom for bringing this to my attention. Traditional graham cracker squares are so last season, it seems, because now we have holiday ones. For the fall/autumn line for 2006, Williams-Sonoma has decided that we need bat-shaped versions. I’m not sure I could bring myself to eat these. Besides, they supply the wrong kind of chocolate for the purist s’more maker. And, just for the record, brown is NOT the new black. (see link)
BLT – The “Grinder” section of Chow had a brief blurb about tomato season this year. I thought it was interesting that this particular sandwich reference was used to start off the talk of end-of-summer bounty. (see link)
Spinach – This story continues to develop as investigators pursue the leads on what caused the E. coli outbreak. The New York Times dining section for today had an interesting article about what this case means for increased regulation of produce safety. I have to say that “smoking gun spinach” brings to mind a visual of hunting for some rogue greens who maraud around vegetable patches slaying innocent foliage. (see link)