Monthly Archive for: ‘May, 2007’

Picnic in the Park: Tuna Salad Niçoise, Rosemary-Garlic White Bean Dip, & Macedonia di Frutta

Not only has the weather started staying consistently nicer, but it seems to have gone from a pale imitation of …

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Eating with Out-of-Town Visitors


My folks came to town last weekend for the Mother’s Day holiday and just to get a dose of the …

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A Springtime Treat – Wholewheat Pasta with Asparagus and Lemon

Not often, but sometimes, I’m a bit of an impulse-shopper when it comes to food. I’m very much attracted to …

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Chilaquiles Brunch Style

So, I had the other half of the tomatillo salsa left over from last week’s recipe, and I needed to …

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