National Ice Cream Sandwich Day


The three days of 90-degree-plus temperatures this past week (more than 35 Centigrade) qualify as a heat wave, per the meteorologist for my local news channel. Good thing, then, that this past Thursday was National Ice Cream Sandwich Day according to Slashfood. I have to admit that, despite all the great gourmet-handmade-ices/gelatos/small-dairy-production things available today, sometimes, the only thing that hits the spot is a simple, elementary-school-style ice cream sandwich or one of those cone things with the chocolate and the peanuts on the top.

I won’t apologize for it. Instead, this week, I chose to embrace it as you see from the photos above. By way of complete disclosure, I actually bought two, yes, two ice cream sandwiches from the bodega half a block from my apartment while I was on my way home on Thursday. I’d been fixated on them all afternoon and couldn’t convince a co-worker that our team really needed to take a break, so he should really go and get them for all of us. The ice creams were 75 cents apiece. That’s a far cry from the 15 cents I used to pay in elementary school, but then it has been quite a few years since I was there.

Like the theory for the best way to eat a sandwich cookie, there are also several ways that people eat ice cream sandwiches, as well. Peel off the top and eat it while saving the bottom cookie with ice cream for afterwards. Or, do the first step above and the try to break the bottom ice cream cookie layer in half to have a sort of double-stuffed ice cream sandwich.

My personal favorite way, developed when I was in elementary school, is to lick around the sandwich to get to the extra soft vanilla ice cream first. This is also a way to test if the ice cream is too melty. Then, finish it off via one of the above options or eat as you would a normal sandwich between two layers of bread, trying to race against time as the ice cream grows softer and oozes out the sides.

The key to any one of these methods of devouring this dessert/snack/dinner (so, I ate them for dinner the other night), is to get one of the ice creams at the optimal “meltiness to frozeness” ratio. Too soft and it is messy to eat and the cookie slides around. Too hard and chomping on it makes your teeth freeze.

As for me, the moment has passed. I’m saving myself for the next ice cream holiday. Per this website link, it is National Creamsicle Day on August 14. Now, how many years has it been since you’ve had one of those?

Buon appetito!


  1. Magpie


    BTW – Julie’s Organics makes a very nice icecream sandwich – but it’s probably not available at the bodega!

  2. theexperimentalgourmand

    Magpie – There’s also an independent health food store in my neighborhood. The next time I get a craving, I’ll see if they have this brand there.