New Kitchen Toys – Alessi Egg Cups

Maybe I shouldn’t ever be let go early from work on a Friday before a holiday weekend. See, I went shopping and bought a new kitchen toy, well two of them actually. In my defense, although they are one-use gadgets, they are really cute as you can see from the above photo. I’d seen these advertised in Olive magazine back in June or July and had posted their photo on my fridge, so this wasn’t merely a whimsical purchase.

They look even better in person. I put them out on display, as they are so adorable. This is probably not a comment made about most egg cups, but these ones are from Alessi. It seemed a shame to hide them away in the cupboard, waiting to be used. Interestingly enough, they fit perfectly on my table, guarding over my salt cellar. The body holds the egg, while the hat comes apart to be filled with salt and pepper to season the egg as it is eaten with the spoon that is supplied. How convenient is that?

I’ve loved Alessi products for years, ever since I got hooked on them when I lived in Italy. They now have a couple of stores in New York, one of which is the one I stumbled upon while running errands on the way home this past Friday. I have a mini-collection, if it can be called that of some of their other products. What is great about their wares, is that they are the gorgeous marriage of design and function. Their items also make unique and much-appreciated wedding presents, and I’ve given many pieces to friends as gifts.

I’d been to the store in Soho about six months back, when a friend who had also studied in Italy politely let me drag him there so that I could go drool over all the great products on display. That store also has a coffee bar, so he was able to get some refreshments in the bargain. The newest one, the one I visited this week, is on Madison Avenue. This location is dangerously close to where I work, but far enough away that I’d have to make a special detour from my usual route in order to get there. I think I’m safe for the moment, until the next great collection comes to the U.S.

Buon appetito!