A Change of Direction, sort of


Remember the recipe card file box that I mentioned a while back? When my brother and his girlfriend got married a few years ago, I created a book of family favorites plus threw in a few of my own from my own little recipe notebook (which, for the record, is one of the things I’d grab – after my handbag and passport – if my apartment caught fire). I’m not sure if they’ve ever referred to it, but I do remember it generating some laughter and comments as it invoked memories of meals past.

For the past two years, as faithful readers of this blog will know, I’ve been trying to cover various topics relating to food & eating, food & culture, food & travel, food & New York City, and just food in general. It’s been great to share these thoughts with everyone and to hear feedback on my recipes. I think I’ve learned more about my food philosophy as well as about how passionate and consistent my interest in the culinary realm has been throughout my life.

This year, I’ve decided to try to tackle a project that has been mulling around for me for a little bit. This will also change the course of the blog over the next twelve months. I have decided that it is time to take the recipes that I pulled from the card file and ones that I’d pulled for that cookbook that I did for my brother and his wife, combine them with some of my own favorites, and create my own treasure trove of tried and true, personally tested recipes.

We don’t have a long family history of recipe sharing, unfortunately, but there are definitely some culinary gems that are hidden in scraps of paper and on much-stained index cards. My goal this year is to pull the ones that invoke memories, are family classics or just ones that are good to have on hand and to adapt them for current-day usage with photos to accompany them. I will be using this blog to tell the story of this journey and hope that you will join me along the way.

Buon appetito!


  1. jax

    sounds like a good idea…and for the record, “they” have referred to the cookbook you gave them on many occasions… :)

  2. theexperimentalgourmand

    That’s great to hear! I’m going to re-work lots of them, so I might need to get you a new recipe book.