Sometimes I get so angry I have to come home and BAKE

It was one of those days at work. Actually, it’s been one of those weeks. Hey, really, who am I kidding, it’s been one of those years. I should probably be able to measure it by the number of times I’ve come home and just decided to start baking something on the spur of the moment, much like I did tonight.

The frustration has to go somewhere, and I can’t work out like I was a few months ago due to an injury. Rehab is incredibly slow, so there’s just no place for the extra energy to go. So, tonight, it went into trying out two recipes that I’d pulled from my food magazine binge this weekend.

Olive Magazine had a recipe for Fluffy Apple Muffins. I’m always on the lookout for good, simple breakfast recipes. This one ended up having nice flavor. I think that next time I’ll try pears instead of apples, as they are also in season at the moment, and because I now have a whole carton of buttermilk to use up. My only negative comment is that the parchment paper in the muffin tin seemed unnecessarily fussy to me.

I baked a few muffins that way and the rest the usual way in the non-stick tin that I have. Turned out the same to me, except that the non-paper baked ones had crunchier tops as they browned better. The paper rings might be nice for the food styling but were too fiddly and not needed. Cupcake wrappers or nothing at all will work just fine.

The next recipe I decided to tackle was a little more challenging for me, as I don’t really ever make these. BBC Good Food had a recipe for Smoked Salmon Souffles. These are mini-ones, so they don’t have the same flop-fear-factor that a regular big one will have. This seemed like a relatively easy thing to make, especially as it combines three of my favorite things: eggs, smoked salmon, and dill.

I did have to let them cook for a few minutes longer than the recipe called for in order to get their tops this golden brown. Unfortunately, when I went to plate one to show how they’d appear in final form, I couldn’t get it to hold together the way the one in the photo looks in the magazine. Guess I don’t have that magic touch, but I did manage to dump out the water bath in the sink and not have it spill in my oven or on the floor, something I consider a success.

These are definitely something that I can see being a nice starter for a dinner party or part of a brunch menu. They are simple to make, and as the recipe says, they can be prepared ahead and frozen. Topped with a little bit of smoked salmon and some crème fraîche, these will be my breakfast for the next few days

Buon appetito!