Product Spotlight – The Saucey Sauce Co.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new Product Spotlight on my site.  This isn’t because I haven’t found anything to recommend, but, rather, that there’s been so much happening and so many great things to try that I haven’t managed to sit down and put together a post about it.  Recently, I’ve been on a bit of an Asian food kick, as you can see from the recipes I’ve posted.  Among the wonderful ingredients that I discovered earlier this year, the dipping sauces from The Saucey Sauce Co., have been really useful in helping me put together these dishes.

Reduction of Sweet Ginger Sauce - perfect as an accompaniment

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Ken and Toan Huynh, the company’s founders, at a barbecue at Toan’s place.  They had whipped up a fabulously delicious feast using their sauces in a variety of foods which showed these ingredients’ culinary flexibility and tastiness.  Originally created by their mother, they started getting requests for these sauces from friends when they would serve them at meals.  This led to them bottling the sauces and to starting to sell them at places like the Hester Street Fair.

Sweet Ginger Sauce basted chicken

I have to say again that these aren’t what you usually think of when you consider Asian fish sauce or Nuoc Cham (dipping sauce).  When you open the bottle, you get the scent of something that has been carefully balanced to consider a range of flavors: sweet, salty, spicy, and even umami.  They are ready to use as a marinade, a dressing, or straight as a dipping sauce.  The Spicy Garlic Sauce has a nice kick, while the Spicy Garlic Extreme takes that up a few notches and is what I used to make my dipping sauce for the Vietnamese Spring Rolls.  The Sweet Ginger Sauce is one of their most popular, and the Fresh Lemon Sauce is light and tangy.

Spicy Garlic Sauce marinaded roasted pork

These sauces brought out the best in the dishes that we had at the barbecue, which is to say that they didn’t have to be the stars of the plates, but helped highlight the amazing flavors of the meats and vegetables, as you can see from the juiciness of the pork above.  All the items, except Toan’s incredible Rice with Lemongrass (on the plate at the top) contained one of the sauces either as a dressing, marinade, or basting sauce.  These are definitely items that you’ll want to kept in your refrigerator for those times when your dinner plans need an extra zip.

Tomato & Zucchini Salad with Fresh Lemon Sauce

Noodle Salad with Fresh Lemon Sauce

There’s two new sauces that they’ve just added to their line, too, in response to flavors that their fans wanted.  We had a chance to sample both of them.  One, the Cool Cilantro Lime, was perfect drizzled over some of the fish (It would also be great to have on fish cooked in parchment paper.).  A splash of this could pep up any one of a number of dishes.  Then, there was the Fiery Wasabi, which Toan had mixed into warm, cooked potatoes.  This was potato salad on a whole new level: hot, starchy, eye-opening goodness.

Fiery Wasabi smashed potatoes

These sauces have definitely found a home in my kitchen.  I hope that you think they might find one in yours as well.  To give that little extra encouragement, Ken and Toan graciously offered one bottle of the Spicy Garlic Extreme and one bottle of the Sweet Ginger sauce as part of the giveaway that I’ll be launching tomorrow.

Buon appetito! 


  1. Betty Ann of AsianinAmericamag
    Betty Ann of AsianinAmericamag08-24-2011

    Oh my goodness ! Love your Asian food kick, Kathy ! These are awesome recipes! What fun! And you actually used ‘fish sauce’ ? We call it “patis” in our Philippine dialect. It is a terrific ingredient and really adds a zing to the dish ! Hope to catch you in one of these events you frequent. You inspire me !!!!

  2. The Experimental Gourmand
    The Experimental Gourmand08-24-2011

    Betty Ann – Likewise! I have to say that the Pineapple Cake that you made looked drool-worth! We’ll need to get together the next time you are up here so that you can take me to your favorite Filipino restaurants in the city.


  3. Ken

    Kathy it was just so lovely to have you over, looking forward to the next one:) Betty we hope you get to try it the sauces sometime soon!