International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Conference Kick-off Party


Last night at Santos Party House, the International Association of Culinary Professionals, or IACP, had its 2012 Conference kick-off party in the host city of New York. This is kind of a big deal in the culinary world, not least because this association is the leading one in the profession but also because the annual meeting hasn’t been held in New York. The buzz is enormous and everyone I’ve spoken with is very excited to show off the delicious bounty to be found in our dynamic city.

IACP President Doug Duda with Martha Holmberg and city chair Judith Klinger

I’d try to encapsulate the amazing array of culinary talent in the room, but it would be difficult to describe it in the space of this post.  Many of my favorite food bloggers and cookbook authors were there.  People from the Culinary Historians of New York were in attendance.  I ran into folks who have been at some of the other conferences I participated in last year, and even spotted a few fellow cookie swappers and Pie Party Live folks.  There were chefs and media folks and others who work in the food arena.  In the broadest sense, this was a community event, with many facets of it coming together in one place.  What better way, then, to start off this conference season than to have some food and drinks with other IACP members, like I did yesterday.

Blackberry Cobbler (with Bulldog Gin)

Other drink sponsors for the event included Voss Water, Brooklyn Brewery, and Brooklyn Oenology.

Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse

A gorgeous display from Driscoll’s Berries

Porchetta, salami, mortadella from Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

Bread Salad from Jimmy’s No. 43

Pulled Pork Shoulder Crostini – probably my favorite bite of the evening – from Jimmy’s No. 43

Really, this was one of the hits of the night.  It is completely carved out of Jarlsberg Cheese.

Another treat not to miss were these crackers and biscuits made from Jarlsberg, too.

Those last two wonders were brought to you by Eryn and Emily (Nomnivorous), two of the terrific folks who are part of the IACP community.

Here’s the posts from Emily ( and Eryn ( with the story of how they made their creations, plus the recipe for those delicious crackers that were served at the event.

Buon appetito!


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    House of Jarlsberg | ugly food tastes better.01-11-2012

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  2. SweaterMeat

    Hey! Was great to see you Monday! I finally got myself in order so you can see the making of the sculpture on my site.

    : ) Eryn

  3. The Experimental Gourmand
    The Experimental Gourmand01-12-2012

    Hey Eryn – Thanks so much for sharing the link to your site, and the mastermind that went into this creation. I’ve posted the link at the bottom of the article. Can’t wait to see what you and Emily do next!


  4. Jackie Gordon Singing Chef
    Jackie Gordon Singing Chef01-12-2012

    That was a fun party! Such a cross section of the local food community! I’m so glad that you were well enough to come!!! I wound up really sick the next day, but I made it on the night! Looking forward to seeing more of you soon!

  5. The Experimental Gourmand
    The Experimental Gourmand01-13-2012

    @Jackie – Sorry to hear you ended up not feeling well the next day. That sinus bug going around is not a fun one! See you at another event soon!

  6. Nancie McDermott
    Nancie McDermott01-17-2012

    Thank you for this gorgeous round-up of what was clearly an event not-to-be-missed. I missed it since I am far away, but thanks to your words and pictures, I now know what a good time it was. Can’t wait for the conference 2012.

  7. The Experimental Gourmand
    The Experimental Gourmand01-19-2012

    @Nancie – Glad you enjoyed the post! It is going to be a really great event in March! Hope to meet you then.