“Make Your Own Soda” Cookbook Giveaway


Anton making sodas at book signingAnton Nocito mixing sodas at his book release

One of the great things about the local NYC food scene that’s blossomed over the past several years, is seeing the growth of many talented individuals and their businesses.  One of these that has kept me hydrated and refreshed during my market excursions is P&H Soda Co., owned by Anton Nocito.  His seasonally-inspired syrups, which he turns into sodas at New Amsterdam Market and other venues, are some of my favorites in the city.

Anton making sodasAnton whipping up sodas

Growing up, soda was a special treat for me and my siblings, so I really savored every one that I was allowed to have.  Anton’s creations are wonderful and unique with flavors that would not have been among the selections that I was given as a child.  His Sarsaparilla made me re-think my dislike of root beer.  Hibiscus has become my new favorite flavor, not just in soda form, but also in Dough’s terrific donuts, so I thank him for opening up my mind and my tastebuds to it.  He’s even worked out a way to make a Candy Cap Mushroom and Toasted Almond Egg Cream.  It’s really delicious, believe me!

P&H Soda book“Make Your Own Soda” by Anton Nocito

I have one copy of his soda- and syrup-making cookbook, released earlier this summer, to give away on this website.  You can also read an interview I did with Anton here.  If you are in the NYC area, you can drop by the New Amsterdam Market this coming Sunday, as well, to sample his sodas for yourself and to become an instant fan.

The Giveaway Rules (There have to be some of these, you know.)

Eligibility: U.S. mainland residents only

To Enter: Write a comment on this post with the answer to the following question: What is your favorite flavor soda?

You must also have a valid screen name (NOT “Anonymous”) with a corresponding email address to enter this giveaway. I’ll need to be able to click on it in order to contact the winner. If you list “Anonymous” or do not have a valid email address with your comment, you will be disqualified. I do not share these addresses with anyone, and they are only for the purpose of entering this giveaway.

Deadline: Is Monday, September 30, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. EDT, based upon the date/time stamp on the comments. (I’m going to be very strict about this and make no exceptions.)

The Outcome: Only one winner will be chosen for this cookbook giveaway. I’m going to put all the entries into an online Randomizer (like this one) to come up with the winner.

Buon appetito!


  1. Jason H
    Jason H09-25-2013

    I’m going to say my favorite soda is black cherry.

  2. Susan Ayers Berry
    Susan Ayers Berry09-27-2013

    My favorite flavor of soda is cherry-lime…mmmmm!

  3. Daniel M
    Daniel M09-28-2013

    root beer is my fav

  4. debbie

    I like root beer.

  5. Shannon

    My favorite is probably Dr. Pepper.

  6. Francine Anchondo
    Francine Anchondo09-29-2013

    I like cola or lemon lime

  7. Denis Nemmers
    Denis Nemmers09-29-2013

    I so like the cream soda!

  8. Brenda Elsner
    Brenda Elsner09-29-2013

    I love cream soda!!

  9. Pauline M
    Pauline M09-29-2013

    I’m a bit of a diet coke fiend!

  10. Jennifer Matt
    Jennifer Matt09-29-2013

    Root beer is my favorite flavor

  11. tina page
    tina page09-29-2013

    lemon lime soda

  12. jessica

    I like root beer the best!

  13. christopher h
    christopher h09-29-2013

    diet cherry coke

  14. Margot C
    Margot C09-29-2013

    I love ginger al´and I bet that I could make it (with some help). I hate high fructose corn syrup!

  15. Serena Powell
    Serena Powell09-29-2013

    I like plan coke.

  16. jeremy mclaughlin
    jeremy mclaughlin09-29-2013

    Root Beer is my favorite.

  17. Laurie Emerson
    Laurie Emerson09-29-2013

    My favorite is Orange Crush.

  18. Sand

    Root Beer is my favorite!

  19. Sue J.
    Sue J.09-30-2013

    Cherry Coke!

  20. Michelle Tucker
    Michelle Tucker09-30-2013

    My favorite has always been Dr. Pepper. :)

  21. Sarah L
    Sarah L09-30-2013

    Ginger ale is my favorite.
    Thanks for the contest.

  22. kathy pease
    kathy pease09-30-2013

    I love root beer

  23. heather c
    heather c09-30-2013

    Depends on my mood. Root beer, or ginger ale…or black cherry… All! I like them all!

  24. beth

    I love root beer

  25. Joy Q
    Joy Q09-30-2013

    I love birch beer

  26. Carolyn Daley
    Carolyn Daley09-30-2013

    Mountain Dew

  27. susan smoaks
    susan smoaks09-30-2013

    my favorite flavor soda is orange

  28. Mihaela Day
    Mihaela Day09-30-2013

    I love cream soda!! :) )

  29. Mina M
    Mina M09-30-2013

    Root beer is my favorite!

  30. The Experimental Gourmand
    The Experimental Gourmand09-30-2013

    Thank you for all these fantastic comments! This giveaway officially closed to new entries as of 12:00 pm EDT today. I’ll reach out to the winner and post the results when I have a confirmed response

  31. laurie

    I love root beer soda

  32. Barbara S
    Barbara S09-30-2013

    My favorite flavor soda is strawberry