Stock Ingredients

Basic Chicken Stock

Stock Ingredients I’ve spent a few Thanksgiving holiday weekends over the years nursing a cold, so I wasn’t too surprised …

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16 Sweet Potatoes Pecans 2

Spiced Sweet Potatoes with Candied Pecans

Spiced Sweet Potatoes with Candied Pecans Did Thanksgiving creep up on you this year like it did to me?  I …

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Chef Pepin Making An Omelette

Chef Jacques Pepin Culinary Demo on Classic Techniques

Chef Jacques Pepin As a student at the International Culinary Center, I also have a chance from time-to-time to attend …

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Serving Of Duck Pie

Peking Duck-style Duck Pie for #PiePartyGE


Pile of Duck Pancakes from Chinese New Year’s Potluck With apologies to all fellow #PiePartyGE attendees who were waiting for …

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Storm Remnants East 95th Street1

Hurricane Sandy Updates

Tree down on the Upper East Side It might seem as though I’ve been very quiet during the past few …

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Lemon Lime Coconut Tart Out Of The Oven

Lemon-Lime-Coconut Tart for #PiePartyGE

A view of the sweet pies table I’ve been procrastinating posting all day due to the on-going Hurricane Sandy drama.  …

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