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Cooked Crostata

Mini Apricota Crostata (Crostatini)

Crostate on Plate Even though I’ve cooked most of my life and have made many different dishes for varied meals …

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Final Plates

Chef Antoine Schaefer of Ferrandi Paris at the International Culinary Center

ICC Founder Dorothy Cann Hamilton with Chef Antoine Schaefer Last week, in the middle of everything else going on with …

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Rock Center Tree

A Holiday Gift List: Chef Version

The Rockefeller Center holiday tree – photo taken after getting off a a gig working a tree lighting party For …

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Sharpies Cake Testers

Should You Go To Culinary School? Part 4 – Some More (hopefully) Helpful Advice

Me, in my student uniform, on the very first day of my Culinary Techniques course This week, as the one-year …

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Starting To Make The Pasta

Should You Go To Culinary School? Part 3 – My Own Journey

Making pasta at La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese Perhaps it is a bit fitting that I’m writing this third installment in …

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Blocks Of Butter

Should You Go To Culinary School? Part 2 – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Bloody

Hope you like butter as you’ll be using lots of it! Following up from yesterday’s post about “Should You Go …

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