Product & Cookbook Reviews

Each request I receive to conduct product and/or cookbook reviews is carefully scrutinized to see if it fits with my personal food philosophy and the mission of this website.  If you are interested in leveraging my knowledge of the local NYC food scene and social media and marketing support, I offer those services as well as opportunities for recipe testing and development using your product and for sponsored posts featuring your product on this website.

Reach out to me via the contact form at the right to see how we might be able to work together.  I do not accept unsolicited free items.  I explore the local NYC markets, sampling artisan food products, and learning about how and where they are made.  When I find something that I think is delicious, I usually buy a bottle or jar or piece of it to take home with me.  Sometimes, these discoveries turn into Product Spotlight feature posts and/or Product Giveaways or Cookbook Giveaways.

Photo from The Saucey Sauce Co. picnic

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