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My Social Media & Marketing Support services combine the many years I spent with major financial institutions and prominent non-profit organizations along with my contacts in the food industry and my knowledge of the local NYC food and events scene.  Not to brag, o.k. maybe just a little bit, but this tweet from me meant that renowned chef Jacques Torres brought his famous hot chocolate for a demo that he did at the International Culinary Center.  That’s the power of brands connecting on social media.

Among the services that I can and have provided for the clients and companies that I’ve worked with are:

  • Developed strategic communications and marketing plans
  • Analyzed and reported on current trends for food brands and educational enterprises
  • Compiled data their competitors in the marketplace and on their brand’s position
  • Devised outreach methods for reaching their audience and trained employees on e-communications methods
  • Written custom one-pagers, handouts, postcards, and flyers for marketing purposes
  • Crafted blog posts and website content pieces designed to drive web traffic (talk to me about putting Sponsored Posts on this website)
  • Tapped into my personal network to make valuable business connects and referrals for start-up companies

Reach out to me via the contact form on the right to see how we might be able to work together.  We can craft something specific to your needs, drawing upon various social media streams and best use practices to connect you to your customers and can also incorporate workshops on training your employees as needed.

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