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Grilling Steak - Cook Out NYCI accept requests for Sponsored Posts on this website after carefully considering and vetting each inquiry to see if it is something in which my readers might be interested.  You may also wish to amplify your post’s reach by leveraging my Social Media & Marketing Support expertise and knowledge of the New York City local food scene; tap into my Recipe Testing & Development background or use my Chef Services; or you might like me to write about an event to have it appear on this website.  I look forward to hearing from you via the contact form on the right about a project we can work on together.

Guest posts are not accepted on this website.  Please don’t reach out to me about putting your written materials on my website, as those requests will not be considered. There have been extremely few exceptions to this policy, such as when I was traveling overseas and my family members were given a chance to take over the blog as they did for a few weeks in February 2011.  I swore that the word “Lutefisk” would never appear on my website, but my brother-in-law made sure that it did.  My brother’s post about stealing Girl Scout cookies by the box under the nose of my mother still makes me laugh.  We really did think he was just a “weird kid.”

Photo of Belgian Squares – Kiwi Style (courtesy my brother, not that one, another one)

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