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Nests Of Pasta

Mercato Notturno at Union Square Greenmarket

Friday night, between the end of work and the start of going out with friends to see The Ivory Tower …

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Dinner at Borgo delle Vigne in Bologna, Italy

A warm summer’s evening, sitting at a table at the edge of a vineyard, eating dinner by the gentle glow …

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My Gelato Tour of Bologna

Aside from all the pasta I ate when in Bologna last week, I also consumed a large amount of gelato. …

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Pasta Making Course in Italy and European Food Travels

Last week, I spent five days in an intensive pasta making course in Bologna, Italy at La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese …

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Italy Trip 2007 – Bologna and Venice


Not exactly a direct quote, but about 3 people emailed me the same question about the photos I emailed around …

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