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Update to The Experimental Gourmand

If you’ve dropped by the website lately, you’ll notice that the site looks a bit different these days. Sadly, there’s been some technical issues. The webhost I’ve used for the past eight years did some updated to their system which ended up causing a conflict with the theme that I’d been using. So, nothing was working with anything else anymore. The format you see is a temporary one while I rebuild the entire website, which I hope will be done in time to re-launch the site in early 2021.

Sugar Hill Creamery opens in Washington Heights

In the meantime, if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ve seen that I haven’t been idle, even during these COVID-19 times. I’ve been cooking, creating new recipes, making old favorites like this Bolognese Sauce, and checking out a few new food places, and exploring my neighborhood of Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan, New York.

Buon appetito!

2018 Food & Drink Conferences Listings

collage-2018-01-07(1)As I’d mentioned in my post about updating the NYC Food & Drink Events page on this website, the past few months of 2017 were much busier than I’d ever experienced before.  Even with it being the usual Busy Season for catering and events, this one was especially hectic.  Our current polar vortex, or whatever is causing this frigid weather, provided me with the perfect excuse to stay indoors and to get caught up on researching Food & Drink Conferences to list for 2018.  These are mostly industry events, with a focus on food, beverage, and food policy.

Buon appetito!