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My background includes a range of catering and events experience, culinary events creation, menu development, as well as working with chefs on dinners, demonstrations, and cooking lessons.  I’ve assisted with prep work, plating, and serving for gatherings large and small from dinners at the James Beard House to buffet-style get-togethers at private events and charity culinary activities.

Antipasto and Cheese Platters for client wedding (photo by guest)

Sample Wedding Menu 1

Looking for a pair of extra hands to pull off a dinner party or holiday gathering?  Need assistance planning your weekly meals or in creating and serving a menu for that special event?  Looking for some assistance testing or developing recipes or another person to help out with food styling projects and at photoshoots?  Tap into my culinary abilities to help you out.

Please reach out to me via the contact form at the right if you are interested in having me work with you.  I have a breadth of Chef Services, including Menu Planning and Recipe Development skills, years of events planning experience for top-tier firms, and a wide range of cooking and training experience to put at your disposal.  You can find out more about me at my About page.

Sample Wedding Menu1 (larger format version)
Client review from catered wedding (long version)
“Jimmy and the Bean Trough: 6th Annual Cassoulet Cookoff at Jimmy’s No. 43”
(Article about my culinary events work at Jimmy’s No. 43 with VinEducation founder Chef Annette Tomei.)


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