Cooking Tips

I learned to cook by watching my mother. It wasn’t until I started writing down recipes that I realized that she had taught me many fundamentals that not everyone knows. After attending culinary school, I picked up more tips that helped with my cooking that I wanted to share. In some of my posts, I have added a brief cooking lesson to make it easier to create the dish being explained.

How to chop an Onion (same method applies to shallots, too)
How to cook Scallops
How to make a Basic Chicken Stock
How to make an Easy Tomato Sauce
How to make Béchamel (classic White Sauce)
(and how to make Infused Béchamel)
How to make Raspberry Coulis (works with other berries, too)
How to make Hollandaise Sauce
How to make Vanilla Sugar, or what to do with that vanilla bean
How to peel a Tomato
How to poach an Egg
How to poach a Peach (follows for other stone fruit, too)
How to tell a Good Egg vs. a Bad Egg
Toffee-making Steps

Here’s some additional Kitchen Witch Tips, as well, which are tied to Recipes.