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Baked Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta

My boss handed me a few of her magazines, which she’d read on one of her previous trips, and I held on to them for my trek to Virginia for the holidays. This was great because she had ones that I enjoy, but don’t usually pick up for myself, even while traveling. I managed to snag some interesting recipes and health tips from the ones that she gave to me, and this weekend, while sparkley snow was falling from the sky, I put together a dish that might not be out of place in the warmer climes of the South of France.

I’m not a big fan of feta, so I figured that I’d swap that out for a more mild goat’s cheese. That sort of got the wheels spinning. I’d have to buy dill to use in this recipe, but goat’s cheese made me think more along the lines of France, so I pulled out the Herbes de Provence from the back of the cupboard. I’m not sure that those have much more life in them so I need to use them up. Ms. Krieger notes that you should use low-salt tomatoes in this recipe, which then allowed me to feel as though I could throw in some chopped up Niçoise olives to give a bit of a briny, earthy kick to the dish. I did not add any extra salt at all to this dish, beyond what the olives gave to it.


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