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Bastille Day Festival 2012

It’s been a few years since I’ve ventured into the Bastille Day Festival, sponsored each year by the Alliance Française, held on East 60th Street.  Francophiles gather each year to nibble on French foods, listen to live music, and learn more about the Alliance’s programs.  This year, it seemed like macarons were the popular treat of the day, with lots of tables of colorful displays in an array of enticing flavors.  There were also several crêpe stands making sweet and savory creations on the spot.  Spicy merguez sausages and whole sardines were being served from grills set up on the streets, and trays of couscous and other Francophone North African dishes were dished out to hungry customers.  This is a food-lovers street fair with French flare.

Marché du Sud – Sardines and Merguez on the grill

Le Souk – Merguez on the grill

Ponty Bistro – Tagine

Ponty Bistro – Couscous and Spring Rolls

Bec Fin – pâtés

Yorkville Crêperie – Ham & Cheese Crêpe

The Crêpe Escape – preparing crêpes

Canelé by Céline – Pistachio Canelé

Bel Ami Cafe – Patriotic Cookies

Financier – Sablée Breton Apricot

Payard – eclairs and fruit tarts

MacarOn Café display

Mad Mac – macaron sets

Mille-feuille macarons

Richart – macarons

Can Can dancers

For more photos of the festival, the foods and activities that were taking place there, please visit The Experimental Gourmand on Flickr.

Buon appetito!

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