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Bastille Day Food Festival 2007

Last week, I’d taken a break as my sister drove up to the city (thanks, sis!) with boxes and boxes of kitchen equipment and books (mostly cookbooks) that I’d had in storage at my parent’s house. I’d actually planned to spend the Bastille Day weekend going through the French ones looking for inspiration, but somehow it just seems easier today to head to the street fair and buy something ready-made. As you can see from last year’s post, I don’t think I’ll be suffering for choice or losing anything by taking a pass on heating up my own kitchen.

Unlike other events of this type, there is a method to the madness that can be hoards of people all clamoring around the same tables in the three-block length of the festival.

1. Start at one end and saunter to the other, scoping out what’s on offer.

2. Remember what was worth eating last time you were there and search for those tables this year.

3. Decide on a plan of action and map out your strategy. My co-conspirators and I opted to eat savory things first and then went for the sweet.

With these simple rules in mind, we successfully tackled Bastille Day 2007.

Baguettes with duck, chicken liver mousse, pate, and all sorts of wonderful things

Bon Appétit!

#BastilleDay #NYCFoodEvents

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