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By Brooklyn

Yesterday, taking advantage of a cool spring day, a friend of mine and I decided to go exploring on Smith Street in Brooklyn.  After meeting up at the Brooklyn Flea and taking a stroll along Atlantic Avenue, including perusing several antique shops, we headed over to By Brooklyn to check out their selection of locally-made products, both edible and non.  The store just turned one year old last week, which means my trip to it is long overdue.  Right away, I found some of my favorite artisan food items, which made me feel right at home.

Sodas by Manhattan Special and Fresh Ginger with tonic from Q Tonic sharing space with the terrific caramels by Liddabit Sweets

P&H Soda Co. – see the seltzer bottles peeking out from behind the display

These are some other syrups from Royal Rose that I’ve been interested to try. 

My friend was eyeing these bitters by Bittermens.  With summertime coming up, it’s time to think about some new cocktail ideas.

And we also spotted one of our favorites – Morris Kitchen – with their fantastic syrups.

Another of our favorites which had space on the shelves is the fabulous Anarchy in a Jar.

The Jam Stand also has some tasty flavors to try.

I didn’t see the buttery-sweet Caramelized Apple preserves by Maiden Preserves, but this one sounds delicious, too.

They had two kinds of granola available – Granola Lab and

Early Bird Granola – both of which would make a great breakfast to wake up to any morning.

Time to find some space in my fridge for these jars from D.P. Chutney Collective for some lazy summer meals.

These sauces remind me of the incredible dishes that I had at Saucey Sauce Co.‘s barbecue last summer.

These pickles from Brooklyn Brine Co. are perfect to go along with some of those summertime foods.

As are those from Sour Puss Pickles.

And don’t forget to include Tin Mustard on your list of condiments.

You could use a board from Brooklyn Slate, to display all of these goodies.

I really like these old-fashioned style hard candies from Brooklyn Hard Candy.

I was so tempted by these yummy-looking pralines by Sucre Mort –  for the moment sold exclusively at By Brooklyn.

This Pistachio Crack from Davis’ Famous’ looked amazing as well.

Oh, I so love these Stroopwafels from The Good Batch!  (They also carry some of her other products as well.)

Then, there’s the always incredible chocolate bars from Raaka.

Give yourself a treat and help out animals at the same time with Rescue Chocolate, created with Tumbador Chocolate.

Wonder how those might taste with a little extra sweetness from Spoonable Caramel drizzled on top.

Another snack option is one of my beach trip favorites: salt water taffy.  I’ll need to grab some of these from The Salty Road for my next trip to the ocean.

Or maybe I should grab a bag of Kings County Jerky Co. to take along with me instead.

Tuckfields Teas would be a perfect way to kick back after all this walking around and exploring.

The folks behind By Brooklyn have amassed a nice collection of some of the borough’s well-known food artisans.  It was wonderful to see some of the products that I enjoy keeping in my own kitchen or noshing on at the various markets that take place around the city all in one place.  I’ll definitely drop by again when I’m in the neighborhood again to discover what other Brooklyn treasures they have on display.

Buon appetito!

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