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Columbus Circle Holiday Market

This week, the Columbus Circle Holiday Market opened off of Central Park launching the shopping season into full gear.  I swung by there today to check out the offerings.  Most of the stands I’ve seen either at other markets or at this same one in previous years.  I seem to remember that they had some better food options last year, but I was glad to see that the tables were still in the mini-food court area so that shoppers can take a break to rest their weary feet.  Still, the markets are a great way to get into the holiday spirit, so pick up a mug of hot cider and wander with me through the food stalls.

Pick up a cup of Hot Apple Cider at Breezy Hill Orchard

Then, select one of their Gingerbread Cookies or Ginger Snaps.  Lots of folks seemed to be enjoying these today.

Or maybe buy a treat from Bread Alone.

Sigmund Pretzel Shop has some of my favorites like the Cheddar Truffle pretzel.

Or there’s another favorite of mine, Wafels & Dinges for big fluffy waffles covered in delicious toppings.

There’s also European-style treats from German Delights.

Including bratwurst in two different flavors.

and chocolate-covered gingerbread.

I grabbed a pulled pork empanada from La Sonrisa Empanadas, which I’d also seen at Hester Street Fair.

Another empanada stand is this one from Sizzles Empanadas.

Next time, I think I’m going to snack on some of these beautiful looking items from Turkish food vendor MMM Enfes.

or maybe something from Red Basil Thai Kitchen, which also had hot soups for sale.

Followed maybe by some chocolate from No Chewing Allowed.

Don’t forget to pick up some chocolate-caramel-pecan treats or toffee from Charley’s Organic Toffee.

and maybe some chocolate from local producer Raaka.

Check out these Kombucha Home Brew Kits (also available at other markets).

There were also these cute, collapsible fruit baskets from OSE.

And these olive oil and vinegar cruets that I’ve admired for a while from NY Cruets.

Don’t forget to sample some of Charlito’s Cocina sausages and try some lardo.

Stop by Matt’s Honey House, too, where he’ll let you try the various kinds that he gets directly from producers.  The Mesquite has smokey-sweet notes to it.

Definitely also stop by to see the display from Spices & Tease and maybe pick up some of their blends.

Buon appetito!

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