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Craving Apricot Tart

It must have been the left-over influence of Bastille Day, but I have been craving apricot tart (one of the few items I did not sample at the street fair last Sunday). In searching online, I have found the perfect recipe. I remembered how gorgeous the locally-grown fruit had looked last year, when I first attempted to make the tart. Yesterday when I was down there, they looked no less beautiful, so I decided to make it again this year.

In hunting around for a recipe on my original search, I had found one on Epicurious that perfectly fit the bill. It is actually from notable food writer, teacher and epicurean Patricia Wells. You can also locate it in her book “At Home in Provence,” but I have to warn you, the photo of this tart, along with the raspberry one on the same page, is apt to make your mouth start watering in an instant, if you are as much of a fan of fruit-based sweets as I am.

Tarte Abricot Verlet (click on link for recipe) is quite simple to make, even if you’ve never attempted pastry before. I’m a big fan of the cookie-type crust (or biscuit-type if you are in the UK). It doesn’t take any rolling out of pastry or fussing about with cubes of butter or cold water. The ingredients are very simple to find, the only main item being that fresh, in-season apricots hold the key to the wonderful flavors that result. [Of course, I did take advantage of the wonderful fare at the Greenmarket to get eggs and cream from their vendors as well.]

The end result creates a photo almost as beautiful as that found in the cookbook, and definitely more delicious, as I get to eat it myself!

Buon appetito!

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