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Easter Brunch 2011

Ah, the gentle hum of the dishwasher.  What a great sound.  I had a few friends over for Easter Brunch today.  I really enjoy entertaining, but what I also like is that satisfying feeling after putting my home back in order when it is all done.  Thankfully, too, I have friends who are willing to trek all the way to the Upper East Side on a weekend when the MTA has decided that the one subway line to my neighborhood has to be completely re-configured for repairs.  I hope that the food I served was worth it.

I was thinking about how impromptu get-togethers used to be more common at an earlier stage in my adulthood.  Now, things seem like they are such a big production, so it is just easier to make reservations and go out to eat.  Why is that so?  For me, this was a good chance to bring out some old favorite brunch recipes and to test out some new ideas that I had, based upon what is the farmers’ market at the moment.  It was a great chance to introduce my guests to a few amazing local food products as well.

No matter what holiday you are celebrating at this time of year, I really hope that it is surrounded by those whom you love and who love you and that great food is a centerpiece of your celebration.

Breakfast Casserole from this recipe from The Kitchn

(I adapted it using Italian cooked ham, challah from Hot Bread Kitchen, and Cabot Clothbound Cheddar from Jasper Hill Farms)

Sunrise Mimosas from my recipe featuring Blood Orange Syrup from The Stand

I tried to make a larger version of my Truffled Potato Galettes, but it kind of flopped, although it was still edible.

At least there was this gorgeous Smoked Salmon from Fairway to make up for it.

There were also these gorgeous, fresh Pea Shoots and Micro Greens from the Greenmarket.  They went perfectly with the Ricotta from Lucy’s Whey (which I mixed with lemon zest, salt, and pepper).

And, Rick’s Picks Phat Beets were perfect with these Goat’s Cheese Rounds made from Lynnhaven Farms cheese

To top it all off, I made a perfect Chocolate Mousse, based upon a recipe that I had from cooking class! (a Nick Malgieri recipe)

(Candy in the basket in the first photo from London Candy Co.MitchMallows, and Three Tarts.  We all agreed, chocolate bunnies are eaten ears first!)

Buon appetito!

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