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Food52’s Butter Pecan Ice Cream Hack

Butter Pecans with Vanilla Ice Cream

Today is National Ice Cream Day!  Actually, the whole month is National Ice Cream Month, which is only fitting as it would be impossible to fit all of the delicious ice creams into just one day.  Several months ago, I saw this post on Food52 for a way to hack one of my favorite flavors, Butter Pecan, and today seemed like as good a day as any to try it out.  I think the first time I ate this ice cream was probably at a Baskin-Robbins, its nutty, buttery, caramel notes combined with a creamy vanilla base.  Even now, I’ll check out the versions that different makers produce as sort of an ice cream litmus test.  In the city, two of my picks are The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and Blue Marble.  Both places are worth standing on line to grab a cone (even if you pick another flavor to eat).  However, if you can’t make it to your local ice cream parlor, or just need a quick fix, this hack is definitely worth giving a shot.


Toasting pecans

Adding butter

Adding sugar

Pouring in bourbon

Cooking pecans

Pecans cooling

Vanilla Ice Cream with Bourbon Pecans

Want more ice cream?  I mean, who doesn’t, really?  Check out the Ice Cream Takedown at the Bell House next Sunday, July 27th.  To get tickets, click here.

Buon appetito!

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