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Fulton Stall Market

This summer has not only meant the reopening of the New Amsterdam Market on a weekly basis, it has also given us the revived Fulton Stall Market.  I’d written about this historic market (there’s been a version of it more or less in the same place since the 1820s) back in 2009.  Last summer, I noticed that the area where it usually took place was empty.  I don’t really know the whole story behind its absence, but I’m glad to see this market back in action again.

The juices from Red Jacket Orchards were perfect to combat the heat from a day walking around the markets.

as were these gorgeous strawberries

They also sell these yummy jams and preserves

Sisterhands Syrups was another beverage option

Brewla Bars (at Smorgasburg too) had several refreshing options to cool you down

I went with the Root Beer Pop – sort of like a really great root beer float in frozen form

Another option would have been to go with Coolhaus and their ice cream sandwiches

Eating choices included this collaboration between two of the market’s vendors:

NY Farm 2 Door‘s meats and cheeses

plus Sour Puss Pickles wonderful preserved items

There were also sandwiches by GranDaisy Bakery

and these great-tasting, flavorful pizza squares, which I’ve enjoyed on several occasions.

To keep you going on your visit, Yummy Coffee had samples to try.

Before you leave, however, don’t forget to grab a jar of hearty-tangy, delicious Sunday Gravy

They had this great meal pack, pasta and cheese included, on offer today

Perhaps to pair with a salad or some veggies from Migliorelli Farm

Accompanied by a bottle of wine from Brooklyn Winery‘s own label, maybe?

and finished up with some sweet treats from The Groovy Baker

Don’t forget this cute bag (there are others, too) from Bugged Out in which to take it all home!

Buon appetito!

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