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Gourmet Guild – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Today was such a beautiful day in the city that I decided to take a trip to check out Gourmet Guild Williamsburg, a store specializing in showcasing regional and local food items.  I’d been following along on Twitter and hearing about various folks whose products were being sold there, so I wanted to see for myself what the buzz was about.  I’ve only ever been to this part of Brooklyn a couple of times in the past, both of which were to eat at the famed Peter Luger Steakhouse, which is only a short walk down the street from this shop.

A bright and welcoming entrance

As I was snapping photos of the display of chocolates, jams, granolas, and other items that were on the shelves, Steven Clark, who was busy re-stocking supplies, asked me if I was finding everything I needed.  He then graciously took some time out of a busy Sunday prepping the store to tell me how they believe in supporting local entrepreneurs and in taking advantage of all the terrific products made in the city and the surrounding areas to give them another year-round place in which to sell their wares.  For anyone who tries to track down some of the fantastic-tasting things that are found at the seasonal markets, it can be difficult to satisfy a hankering during the off-season.  This location, which he’s hoping will attract lots of folks to stop by the neighborhood, seeks to fill that need.  It was definitely fun to see some old favorites as well as to check out some things I’d been wanting to try.

O.K. – not food, but I’m really loving Apotheke Co.s beautiful, organic homemade soaps and soy candles.

Also not food, but EcoLogic‘s environmentally-friendly cleaning products are used in quite a few restaurants and establishments.  Now, you can enjoy them in your home, too.

There’s items with which to start off your day, like coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company

and maybe a donut from Dough, a Brooklyn favorite.  (I picked up a Dulce de Leche to enjoy while walking back to the subway.)

Or maybe some granola from Granola Lab?

If you pick up a loaf from Scratchbread,

don’t forget the delicious spreads from The Jam Stand to go with it.

Or maybe you’re thinking about getting milk and eggs from NY State

to find an excuse to make French toast so that you can grab a bottle of the smooth, rich Crown Maple Syrup.

And don’t forget to stop by the smoked meats counter where Hervé Katz has some amazing bacon and sausages to go with any meal.

He also has these smoked beef snacks, including one marinated in beer.

If that’s up your alley, don’t forget to check out Kings County Jerky, too, with flavors like Sichuan Ginger and Korean BBQ.

Hervé also had these pickles for sale, which would round out a charcuterie platter.

On the sweeter side, there’s Cacao Prieto, a Red Hook-produced, bean-to-barn chocolate harvested in the Dominican Republic by the owner’s family.

Peeled Snacks might also be a healthy choice.

Whimsy & Spice‘s gorgeous creations could be an option, too,

as well as lots of ice cream choices from Van Leeuwen,

Raaka‘s deep, dark, delicious chocolate bars,

and a bunch of tasty Mexican-inspired treats from the lovely La Newyorkina.

A box of fresh pasta from The Ravioli Store

could be paired up with Nonna’s sauce

accompanied by vegetables from the Hudson Valley area

or a salad of Gotham Greens (grown in Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

dressed with some oil and vinegar from Oliovera for a complete dinner (bring back the bottles to be refilled).

You could also try out another cuisine with a jar of Arirang Kimchi

or one of the delectable Asian dipping sauces from Saucey Sauce Co.

One of the things I’m picking up on my next visit is this harissa by Mina.  There’s so many great ways I can think to use this.

Or like me, you might be a bit lazy sometimes and feel like Pie Corps with their fantastic, incredible-tasting, ready-to-eat pies is a better meal solution.

The Loot

As you can see from the photo above, I restrained myself and picked up just a few essentials.  The merguez and I have a dinner appointment soon, and the smoked bacon might make an appearance in another post on this site, unless it disappears into breakfast sandwiches before then.  The chocolate was little snacktime treat for this week, and I grabbed a bottle of cleaning solution to try it out.  While Gourmet Guild isn’t someplace that I could just drop by all the time for geographic reasons, I do recommend heading over there, maybe during their “Sampling Saturdays” every weekend to meet with some of the folks behind these products and to check out the store for yourself.  Just make sure to clear out some space in your fridge and bring an few extra shopping bags with you to cart home all the goodies that you’ll find there.

Buon appetito!

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