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Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Winter Melon Soup

Huh? Wasn’t that, like, a month or so ago? It might seem a bit late to say that, but one of the more interesting things about living in a multi-cultural city is learning that holidays that have the same name can be at a different time in the year for everyone, depending upon the calendar one follows. While for those who have cars, it can lead to endless confusion as to which side of the street to park on so as not to get towed, it also means, getting to discover new traditions and …best of all…new food items! (I’m not so sure, however, that, as someone pointed out, it means that you also continually get to push back when you start your resolutions.)

Fried Whole Crabs

The celebrations for Chinese New Year last for 15 days: from the first new moon of the year, to the following full moon. According to my wall calendar, that means that The Year of the Dog started on 29 January and the New Year’s period will end tomorrow, 13 February. There are several great websites that you can find that talk about the different traditions and the symbols of the holiday, but I don’t want to waste any more time before sharing with you the food that some friends and I ate on Friday night in Chinatown in New York City. I brought along my new digital camera so this is a test to see if I can actually use it.

Shrimp in Mayonnaise Sauce w/ Broccoli and Fried Walnuts

I have a friend who is fantastic at hosting big dinners at great restaurants in town. This was her annual Chinese New Year’s get-together. The group is a great mix of everyone Chinese and non- to celebrate, enjoy each other’s company, catch up on each other’s lives, and share some wonderful dishes. I have to say that this year, unlike last, my horoscope was much better so I’m in a great mood for the Year of the Dog. Here’s looking forward to seeing everyone in the Year of the Pig!

Noodles for Long Life

Buon appetito!

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