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Hester Street Fair Sunday Picnic and Egg Rolls & Egg Creams

After spending yesterday inside all day at the TECHMunch conference, it was good to get outside and visit a couple of the many food events going on around town today.  This year, the Hester Street Fair is only on Saturdays, so the Sunday Picnic theme of today’s event was built around local food, games (ping pong, badminton), and lively music, with tables down the center of the market space to encourage hanging out and enjoying being outside while eating some great treats.

After that, a few short blocks away, the folks at the Museum at Eldridge Street were holding their annual Egg Rolls & Egg Creams festival, which celebrates the cultural diversity of the neighborhood.  Chinese and Jewish foods, games, and activities were available for families along with tours of the museum itself.  Seeing an egg cream on the side of a table of folks who were playing Mah Jong, just reinforced how amazing it is that all of these groups of various immigrants were thrown together over time and have created their own traditions.

La Newyorkina brought her tasty Ice Pops

Dora Coffee from the neighborhood

As are Guss’ Pickles – another favorite

Dumpling Diva getting ready to feed the crowds

It was great to discover The Jam Stand with all their wonderful flavors

and Sabrina and Jessica didn’t forget about man’s best friend, either!

How could I resist stopping by P&H Soda Co. to visit with Anton and his brother?

You can take their syrups home to mix your own sodas

Or, if you can’t resist, you can get a soda to go – like this Hibiscus & Lime one

Another new fantastic product that I tried were these tangy and spicy sauces from The Saucey Sauce Co.

Macaron Parlour had a beautiful display as usual

I first met Spatzi’s Granola at Hester Street‘s opening weekend.  They look amazing.

Take one part Brooklyn Farmacy

Add a scoop of New York-made Adirondack Creamery Ice Cream

and whip up a Farmacy Float!

So that’s what a Cemita is – it looked tasty

Chicken & Rice from Filipino restaurant The Purple Yam

Along with this beautiful-looking salad

So hard to resist Peel’s tempting S’mores Cakes and Graham Crackers

Or something rich and spicy – Currywurst from Clerkenwell

I did cave, however, when it came to the Poffertjes (mini Dutch Pancakes)

Kind of like little funnel cakes – they also served them with strawberries and cream

And I also had this cool, hearty pulled pork sandwich from Daisy Duke’s BBQ.  The meat comes from his uncle’s pigs in Pennsylvania.

I heard great things about La Sonrisa‘s empanadas

I’ve also been a fan of Arancini Bros. flavorful riceballs

The Tealogist had this gorgeous display and was serving hot and cold beverages

Mighty Balls had lots of meatball and sauce choices to match up

They even had some of their sauces for sale

Les Enfants Terribles was serving up some French-inspired treats including this raspberry chocolate mousse

Which you could have washed down with these ginger ales by Bruce Cost

The Shaved Ice Shop had photos of their gorgeous, delectable, sweet options

But, the guys from Melt Bakery had one of my favorites – the Morticia out today – so ice cream won

Which was best eaten at one of the picnic tables that were set up at the market

While listening to some great live music from the Red Hook Ramblers

Then, it was over to Eldridge Street for the Egg Rolls & Egg Creams Festival

Where people mixed up Egg Creams

and noshed on Egg Rolls

Kids got to make Chinese Dumplings

and Jewish Kreplach (here with a little help from dad)

and where you could see other examples of the blending of the cultures of the Lower East Side

Buon appetito!

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