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Indian Food Cooking Binge

While waiting to hear about a consulting gig, I embarked on a cooking spree. I love eating Indian food, but I’ve never been very successful at making it. Recently, I pulled several recipes from BBC Good Food and tackled making them. By way of comparison, I decided that this time, I’d photograph my results alongside of what the picture in the magazine looked like.

The entire plate of food looked like the above. It made a great lunch on Day One and was an even better set of leftovers when I came home from a long day today. Unfortunately, as delicious of a lunch as it would make to bring to work, I can’t really recommend it. While not super spicy, it does have those strong aromas that make reheating it in a microwave in an office environment a bit touchy in some companies. Still, that just means more for you to eat at home.

I’ve posted the recipe names below the photos, so that they can be located on the BBC Good Food website. While the dishes didn’t turn out picture-perfect, nothing was complicated to make. The chopping of the vegetables and the careful stirring to make sure that everything was incorporated was great therapy and very calming in the chaos of my job search. There was also the added virtue of getting extra veggies into my diet and, for a while, my apartment smelled wonderful.

Coconut Dhal

(like regular dhal but a luxury version, rich, sweet, and creamy)

Mango Chicken with Spiced Pilau [this photo and the next]

(flavorful rice and sweet-spicy chicken)

Cauliflower & Potato Curry

(super veg recipe, great as a side dish)

Buon appetito!

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