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Liddabit Sweets Cookbook Giveaway

Cookbook display at Liddabit Sweets launch party

It’s here!  Last night, I headed over to 61 Local for the launch party of the Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook and to see Liz and Jen, whose delicious candies are a special treat in which I indulge from time to time.  It was terrific to see them, hang out with some of their other fans, and to get my hands on this book, a product of all their hard work and wisdom as candymakers.  Better yet, I have a signed copy (by both Liz and Jen) of the Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook to give away to one of you readers.

Liz Gutman & Jen King – Liddabit Sweets

What I really enjoy about buying their candies (aside from getting to eat them) is the liveliness and joie de vivre that they bring to their confectionery.  Naming a candy bar after Dorie Greenspan, one of their ardent supporters and mentors.  Coming up with better-for-you alternatives to popular mass-market candies, made with locally-sourced ingredients and not all that unpronounceable stuff.  Creating caramels that melt in your mouth but are different enough to make your tastebuds say, “ummm, ahhhh, now this is what candy should taste like!” I’ve not only sampled many of their treats, I’ve also gifted them to others to enjoy their craftsmanship as well.

These ladies are confectionery geniuses and are really super nice people to boot so it is my pleasure to support all of their hard work via my pocketbook and this website.  I grew up with a mother who explored candymaking for a while when I was a child.  Lollipops, if I remember correctly, came out disastrously awful.  Still, I learned a lot about how to work with chocolate and about making toffees and caramel from her experiments.  It gave me a lot of admiration for those who can get it just right and can turn out incredible-tasting products.

This cookbook is not just about recipes.  It also gives you pages and pages of techniques, instructions, and real-life tips on how to make candy, layered with their pithy advice and stories about how some of their popular creations came about.  There’s lots of hints as to how to fix things when they go wrong and how to avoid having that happen in the first place.  They demystify the process of pulling together sweet treats in your own home kitchen, drawing from their expertise and experiments in creating delicious candies.  I’m sad to let this cookbook leave my hands, but I know that it will find a wonderful home with one of you.

The Rules (There have to be some of these, you know.)

Eligibility: U.S. mainland residents only

To Enter: Write a comment on this post with the answer to the following question: What is your favorite candy?

You must also have a valid screen name (NOT “Anonymous”) with a corresponding email address to enter this giveaway. I’ll need to be able to click on it in order to contact the winner. If you list “Anonymous” or do not have a valid email address with your comment, you will be disqualified. I do not share these addresses with anyone, and they are only for the purpose of entering this giveaway.

Deadline: Is Monday, October 15, 2012 at 12:00 p.m. EDT, based upon the date/time stamp on the comments. (I’m going to be very strict about this and make no exceptions.)

The Outcome: Only one winner will be chosen for this cookbook giveaway. I’m going to put all the entries into an online Randomizer (like this one) to come up with the winner.

Buon appetito!

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