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mmmm….Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Chunks

On Friday, one of the guys in the office where I’m currently doing a consulting gig mentioned that I should be making cookies for them again. He said that, by having brought in Chocolate Chip Cookies about three weeks ago, I’d set the bar high and needed to have a follow-up cookie contribution for the team to sample. I’m not sure if this will land me a permanent position at the company, but it is nice to work with folks who appreciate my baking experiments.

This weekend, I decided to test drive a recipe I’d made to bring to the beach the weekend after my job officially ended. These had been well-received by the folks who’d eaten them when I had brought them to a friend’s place. I’m not sure why, but the perfect chocolate-chocolate-chip cookie seems even more difficult to pin down than a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe. It likely has something to do with the balance of cookie chocolate flavor to chip chocolate flavor. This version has both semi-sweet chocolate chips and white chocolate chips which might be what works so well.

I discovered this recipe when I was watching The Barefoot Contessa during the daytime one of the days I was on gardening leave. On her show that day, she had the owner of Tate’s Bakeshop in New York. The story of how Kathleen King got started is rather neat, as she started baking cookies for her family’s farmstand. Her treats are also sold in local area stores here in the city and available for purchase on her website. When I saw her demonstrate these on the show, I decided to take the plunge and try to make them myself.

The batter is super rich and fudgy looking, which is a sign that these are going to be really good. I decided not to add almonds to the cookies, preferring to stick to straight chocolate-ness. Once in the oven, they started out as thick blobs, but then spread out when baked. The trick is, as the recipe indicates, to leave them on the cookie sheets for a few minutes, allowing the residual heat to finish up the cooking process, then to move them to the rack to cool completely before eating them.

Having had a few samples, I don’t think that the group will be disappointed when these appear in the office pantry tomorrow morning.

Buon appetito!

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