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New Amsterdam Market Floralia Celebration

Sunday, on a glorious, bright sunshiny day, the New Amsterdam Market held a celebration for May Day called Floralia, complete with Maypole (above). I’ve never been much for recognizing this pagan feast day or the communist-era counterpart. I’ve always been envious, however, of my European friends when they had this day off, as it seemed a bit random. Of course, we have our Labor Day in September instead, so I guess that counts.

This was a great chance to catch up with vendors that I hadn’t seen in a while (Liddabit Sweets, Nordic Breads), discover some new delicious treats (Pie Corps), and even to run into a friend and her husband (Karen of Markets of NYC). Everyone seemed to be enjoying checking out the different products, eating the offerings from the prepared food vendors, and generally just hanging out in the city on a really nice day.  As I told Robert LaValva, the market manager, I’d seen several food folks over the course of the previous week who had chimed, “See you at the market on Sunday,” when we all realized we’d be convening at the event, so there was definitely buzz about the day.

Here’s some of my market photos:

Marlow & Daughters making goat confit for

Goat piled on flatbread dressed with yogurt sauce, onions, and cilantro

Except for the fact that the juice dripped a bit too much, my friend who ate it said it was a great flavor combination and that the goat was really well cooked.

Bambino’s Ravioli fresh pasta – they also had all kinds of filled pasta, too

Mast Brothers Chocolate – they also sell chocolate chips, too!

Liddabit Sweets – this table wasn’t full for long.  I grabbed Caramel Corn and a  King Bar

Nor was the table for Nuts + Nuts with their delicious, direct-sourced cashews.  The Spicy ones are my favorites.

Pie Corps, a new addition to the market, seemed to be a huge hit.  These pie pops were gone before I could decide that I wanted one.

So, I had to settle for this amazing, amazing Eccles Cake instead.  Can you feel how delicious this was with the sugar-sprinkled flake crust hosting a fruit and nut mincemeat interior?  I may have found my new favorite market treat.

Or maybe next time I’ll try one of these instead

Queens County Farm – an actual working farm within the 5 boroughs, brought lots of spring herbs with them

But it was really the Ramp and Cheddar M’smen bread (to the very right is the plain version) from Hot Bread Kitchen that I was dying to try

Hudson Valley Duck Farm brought samples of their unique Duck Bacon and hearty Smoked Duck Breast.  I’ve heard that they also have an amazing Duck, Cherry, and Sage Sausage that might be something I pick up on my next visit.

My favorite of the line of teas from Bellocq Tea Atelier is their Afghani Chai, but their other products look inviting as well.  They are going to be opening a storefront in Brooklyn.

This beautiful Lavender from North Winds Farm reminds me that I should refresh the sachets during my spring cleaning.

It was good to see Michael from Mosefund Farm back at the market again.  I can’t believe I resisted in picking up his amazing Bacon.  What was I thinking?

And Scott from Brooklyn Cured was there with his Sausages, Pates, and Bacon, too.

He also brought along these jars of gorgeous Marinated Mushrooms and Pickled Vegetables

All of which would have been completely heavenly served on Orwasher’s incredible Bread

Fleisher’s Grass-fed Meats also brought some great-looking products to the market.  They have a new Butcher’s Guide to Well-Raised Meat coming out

It was so hard for me not to want one of these spectacular cutting boards from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

The Wild Food Gatherers Guild showed what could be collected from the woods around us, including Asparagus and Black Walnuts

Kings County Jerky Co. was handing out samples of their original flavor.  This reminded me of a really beefy burger and hit all those umami notes in my mouth.

Terra Cura also has some wonderful teas.  I need more cupboards to make room for all of this.

Good to see Simo and Tuomas of Nordic Breads back at the market, too.  At last, I can get my fix of their fantastic Ruis Bread

My friend picked up some Italian Basil Seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Library to try growing them in her window this summer

We also stopped by for a sip of the new 2009 Social Club White and 2008 Viognier from one of our favorite vintners, Brooklyn Oenology.  I think the former could be my wine of the summer for 2011, but I might just have to pay a trip to their Tasting Room to be sure

All the way from Rhode Island, the folks from Narragansett Creamery brought their delicious cheese, including the Ricotta that I used for my Easter Brunch.  Locally, you can also find their products at Lucy’s Whey

These Pizzette type breads from Sullivan Street looked like the perfect snack, but I already had to pace myself

Syrup – I hear waffles calling your name.  Of course, this sweet loveliness from Heartwood Farm would also be good for my Spiced Pecan and Pear Salad

Although Ledgenear Farm‘s syrup looked lovely as well

Sour Puss Pickles brought lots of great things from their product line

Vermont Bean Crafters had hummus and dips as well as grains from Cayuga Pure Organics for sale

Anarchy in a Jar had fragrant and wonderful sweet things to try.  Their Triple Berry was especially delicious

Sweet Deliverance also had some good things to try

It was definitely time to pick up a bite from Jimmy’s No. 43.  I opted for the Chicken Hash (far) over the Lime-Braised Pork (near) served with slaw on Orwasher’s Bread

Washed down with Hibiscus Soda from P&H Soda Co., this was the perfect snack/lunch/brunch whatever it was

Others opted for a Ricotta Grilled Cheese Sandwich and soup from Morris Grilled Cheese

Another friend opted for the Sunday Supper Sandwich from Table Tales, which she said reminded her of her childhood only “much better”

What I had been looking for was the Egg and Cheese Sandwich by Great Performances Catering with Tomato Jam from Katchkie Farm

Flavored Shave Ice from People’s Pops would have been a great way to end our noshing

Or even an Espresso from La Colombe Torrefaction parked at the end of the market

But we decided instead to head to the South Street Seaport itself to have a cool drink in the sunshine and to watch all the tourists go by.  What a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Buon appetito!

(With sincere apologies to the vendors I didn’t mention by name, but my camera battery died mid-market as there was so much to take in and photograph.  The list of those who are selling at New Amsterdam Market this season can be found here.)

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