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Pasta Making Course in Italy and European Food Travels

Last week, I spent five days in an intensive pasta making course in Bologna, Italy at La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese learning how to be a “sfoglina,” or person who creates and rolls out the sheets of pasta that are the base for the delicious Italian creations that are typical of Emilia-Romagna in the north of the country.  You’ll know them by the names tortellini, tortelloni, tagliatelli, and pasta verde.  At some point, I promise I’ll string everything together, but for the moment, you can check out how it went by looking at the photo albums on my Facebook page.

Sorbetteria Castiglione in Bologna

Along the way, as it was only, oh, 90 or so degrees and sweltering each day (30+ for those of you counting in Centigrade), I took a tour of the many gelaterie in Bologna.  Those pictures are on Facebook, too.  I also uploaded them to my Foodspotting account along with several other pictures from my food adventures both in London and in Bologna.  Next week, I’ll post about all the flavors that I managed to sample and which one(s) made my list of favorites.  It was a delicious chore to undertake so I was happy to have to do so.

Lunch at Ottolenghi in London

I know that people knock dining in London, which was another stop on my trip, but there’s really a wealth of terrific places to eat and to discover.  I wrote about several of them in my post about eating around the city during my stop there in February.  It was wonderful to be able to visit some of them again and to come across other places to add to my list.  Most of all, I was able to fit in the amazing and highly-recommended afternoon tea service at Claridge’s.  I’m now going to have to figure out if I can squeeze that in for every visit I make over there.

Sunset over the West Side from my Rooftop

As much as I love to travel and see new places, or in this case to visit my old haunts, there really isn’t anywhere like home.  After two weeks away, I can’t wait to get back to the Big Apple, to my own bed, and to all the wonderful food adventures that are scheduled for this fall.  I hope you’ll continue to follow along with this site and check out my Events page as I try to keep up with as many of them as I can manage to make, discovering great new things to eat and to cook with along the way.

Buon appetito!

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