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Product Giveaway – Slickepott Fudge Sauce

If you would like to get your hands on some of the wonderful Slickepott all-natural fudge sauce that I wrote about in my previous post, you are in luck!  Ian graciously gave me a jar to give away to one lucky reader (hopefully to be shared with that reader’s sweetheart). Here’s how to participate in this contest:

The Rules (There have to be some of these, you know.) Eligibility: U.S. mainland residents only, as this is a perishable product.  To Enter:  Write a comment on this post with the answer to the following question:  What language is the name Slickepott? (hint – go to the “About” section on their website and click on “The Story.”) You must also have a valid screen name with a corresponding email address to enter this giveaway.  I’ll need to be able to click on it in order to contact the winner. Deadline:  Is Tuesday, February 8th at noon EST, based upon the date/time stamp on the comments.  (I’m going to be strict about this and make no exceptions.)   The Outcome:  Only one winner will be chosen.  I’m going to put all the entries into an online Randomizer (like this one) to come up with the winner.   This contest is also listed at

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