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Product Spotlight – Nuts+Nuts – Farm-direct Gourmet Cashews

I first met Cyrilla Suwarsa at the New Amsterdam Holiday Market back in December.  She was there selling farm-direct gourmet cashews that her company, Nuts+Nuts, imports from farmers in Indonesia, her home country.  Cashews are one of those things that I grew up with as a luxury item.  I love them.  I have to confess, I’m also one of the people who usually picks them out of the mixed nuts tray, leaving you with the peanuts and the Brazil nuts.

Cyrilla met me for a coffee a few months back to talk to me about her company and its inspiration.  When I tasted her cashews, I was instantly struck by how flavorful and meaty they seemed.  She explained that this is because the Indonesian kind is a different variety from the ones that are usually available from South America and are typically found in the U.S.  Also, as they trace where the cashews come from at the source and roast and process them close to where they are harvested, they have greater control over the end product and its quality.  From the moment you first pop one of these nuts into your mouth, you can taste the difference.

The individual packaging is perfect for an afternoon snack or to help curb those nagging munchies when they strike.  The Spicy ones, with red chilis and kaffir lime leaves, were my favorite when I first tried them and still remain my number one pick, even though I really enjoy all of them for their texture, taste, and freshness.  The cashews come in several other flavors, too: Honey Sesame, Sweet & Salty, and Lightly Salted.  If you are undecided about which one to choose, you can also pick up a Sampler Pack of one of each kind.  The small, sealed packages ensure that the cashews stay fresher for longer.  The spice combinations are family recipes, some prepared by Cyrilla’s sister in Indonesia.

In addition to providing the farmers who produce the nuts with a greater share of the proceeds of the sales, these are products with a cause.  Cyrilla was diagnosed with Lupus many years ago and remains active in Lupus awareness groups.  Unable to continue working in her previous profession, Nuts+Nuts enables her to take care of her health while running a business that brings enjoyment and income to other people.  It was such a pleasure to be able to talk to her about her company and her mission.  We even ended up teaming up on a project of our own for her site.  Here’s a photo of a Sea Salt Chocolate Cashew Brittle that I created using her lightly salted cashews.  It is perfectly sweet, buttery rich, and a bit decadent, just like the cashews themselves.

Buon appetito!

Nuts+Nuts can be found at their shop during weekdays at 145 Front Street in DUMBO, Brooklyn.  They are also at New Amsterdam Market during the season.  For additional places to find them, please see their website.

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