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Resolving Some Things for the New Year

Yes, ‘tis that time of year again, the period in which some of us sit down and make lists of things we’d like to change in our lives. In keeping with the theme of this blog, I decided to narrow the field of my resolutions for 2007 to culinary-oriented ones.

1. Keep a closer watch on those “things in the back of the fridge” so that fewer foods go bad before their expiry dates and turn into missing science experiments

2. Make those recipes that I’ve been pulling from magazines and sort through the ever-growing pile of interesting ideas

I really need to spend the next rainy weekend on this!

3. Check spices for freshness – don’t end up with anything in the cabinet that looks like this:

Sorry to pick on you, Mom, but no one can remember when McCormick spices were 69 cents

Even McCormick suggests throwing things away after a certain point

4. Go through my cookbooks and use more recipes from them (and donate or get rid of the ones I will never use)

This is just a tiny sub-set of how many I own

5. Learn new culinary techniques – broaden my skills set

6. Try more restaurants to which I’ve never been and revisit ones I haven’t been to in a while

I really need to start crossing places off of my list

7. Visit some of the other great food markets in the city – Essex Street, Arthur Avenue, Jackson Heights, etc.

8. Work on my food photography skills

9. Blog more and have fewer gaps in posting

10. Attempt to make mayonnaise again!

It’s a long list, but I think it might be doable. I’m a little hesitant about #10, as those of you who read my post about that adventure will understand. If I get one thing accomplished this year, and that is it, I think that 2007 will have been a success.

Buon appetito!

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