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Robicelli’s Cupcakes and Indie GoGo

Yes, I am trying to torture you.  If you have never eaten a Robicelli’s Cupcake, you should be finding the closest bakery to you so that you can pick one of these up right now.  Selected as the Best Cupcakes in NYC by a few folks and adored by others for their innovative and delightful flavor combinations, Matt and Allison Robicelli, the husband and wife team behind the brand, make amazing, I mean, fantastically delicious cupcakes.  You need these in your life.

The Elvis

I’ve been wanting to interview them for this site for a while, but, frankly, they are too darn busy making cupcakes and trying to raise their two kids and, well, making more cupcakes.  With so many accolades, their business has been booming.  Allison told me that they’ve also recently taken on some more interns to deal with the demand.  As a bonus, these folks get to work with two great people and very talented former pastry chefs who lend their time and expertise to others coming up in the industry as they once did.

While they don’t have a storefront, they sell at various locations around Brooklyn and Manhattan and at some of the weekend markets and special events.  Reading their Tumblr feed is the best way to find out which flavors are in what shops on any given day and following them on Twitter will help you keep on top of what is going on with them.  Just a warning, however, licking the computer screen is not the same as actually savoring one of their delectable creations.  You actually have to go buy one and eat it to get the whole experience.

“Don’t, doncha want me…?”

These aren’t just any sweets, did I mention that?  Leave out Red Velvet (the color usually comes from artificial food coloring) or Chocolate-Chocolate Frosted.  How about Chicken & Waffles (photo below).  Oh, yeah, Vanilla Waffle Cake, Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, Fried Chicken Tender dipped in Vermont Maple Syrup.  Or The Elvis above (sorry, I got carried away and couldn’t resist) with Banana Cake, Peanut Butter Butter Cream and Candied Bacon on top.  These flavor combinations could make you swoon with delight.

The cake is light and flavorful.  The frosting is real, honest-to-goodness buttercream which you can taste in every bite. The topping just adds an extra punch or pop of something to bring the whole experience together.  I know a bit about all this, as my mom used to decorate cakes as a hobby.  This is the real deal.  Their selection rotates so that you can be sure to find a new favorite or just follow them until the next time your old favorite comes around.  The Bronx Zoo Cobra even had one named after her.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, the Dekalb Market is going to be setting up and taking place in Brooklyn.  It’s supposed to start up sometime in the next few months (early summer is what the site says).  Robicelli’s is going to have a container/storefront there.   They have reached out to their fans and loyal audience to help them raise money on Indie GoGo to fund the build-out of this enterprise.  So far, according to their stats, with just 5 days left, they are only 47% of the way there.  Now, the nice thing is that they can keep the money they have raised so far, but they do need more to be able to fully complete this project and to deliver great treats to all of us this summer.

There’s lots of great, cupcake-filled incentives to give to this initiative.  If you’ve ever heard Allison or Matt speak about how important their business is to their livelihood or if you’ve ever eaten one of their delicious cupcakes, you’ll want to lend them a hand.  I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to give to this project, too.  Today, I decided that I’m going to chip in for a Joey Gladstone package.  I’d like to be a part of the brain trust behind these terrific products, and although I buy their cupcakes almost every chance I get, I’d like to do a bit more to see them really succeed.  If you would like to as well, see their site on Indie GoGo.

The Breuckelen Cupcake (Apple Cake with Cinnamon-Caramel buttercream frosting topped with a Stroopwafel by The Good Batch)

Buon appetito!

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