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Scharf & Zoyer Pop-up Evening at Brooklyn Oenology

For the past couple of months, I’ve been manning the grill at Scharf & Zoyer each Saturday at Smorgasburg.  Now, Noah Arenstein, the owner and creator of S&Z, has put together a one-night tasting at Brooklyn Oenology called Scharf & Schnickered where he’ll showcase some of the sandwiches for which his stand has become known at the market.  Interested in seeing how modern Jewish-style deli food pairs with beer and wine, maybe even how it goes down with a pickleback?  If so, you might want to check out this unique food & beverage event.

Scharf & Zoyer weekly menu

The menu has the fan favorite Kugel Double-down in sweet and savory versions, the Berber spice-inspired zucchini spread that we use on our breakfast sandwiches, and the tuna salad that goes into our really delicious tuna melt.  In the photo below, you can see how we usually serve these items at the market.  The dishes will be modified somewhat to be small portions so that guests can taste a bit of everything as they sip the beverages that the folks at BOE have selected to go with them.

S&Z Sandwich Menu Display

In addition, Noah is bringing back a couple of items that debuted at Smorgasburg, but he decided not to continue to carry, as they didn’t really find an audience at the market.  One of these was the chopped chicken liver.  It had many faithful followers, but it was a hard sell compared to some of the other things that we fix each week to bring with us.  There’s an interesting series of articles about S&Z in Serious Eats that talks about how a food vendor creates a concept and then works to make it all happen.  It goes into a bit more depth about the process for our menu development and selection.

Salted Habanero Pimento Cheese on Saltine

Another of these items was his fantastic, spicy, creamy pimento cheese.  I know how great-tasting it is, because I took home a bunch of leftovers to work with on the last day we had it to sell.  As a very perishable food item, as are most of the things that we make, if we can’t sell it, it has to be discarded (sadly) or exchanged with other market vendors for things they haven’t been able to sell that day or we take it home to eat ourselves.  The pimento cheese found a home on my breakfast table when I used it on poached eggs to give them a bit of a kick.  I miss the fact that we don’t carry it anymore.

Heating up the kugel for the double-down

So, if you want to treat your tastebuds to a new take on this cuisine, you might want to pick up a ticket to Scharf & Schnickered (click on the link to purchase them).  I’ll be there, too, cooking away and helping to prepare the dishes.  It takes place from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25th at Brooklyn Oenology‘s tasting room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There’s a limited number of tickets available.  This is a wonderful chance to taste products from two New York City food and wine entrepreneurs in one location and to support local business.

Buon appetito!

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