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Smorgasburg Opening Day 2012

At this point, we were so hungry that a couple of us split a hearty Lonestar Empire sandwich.  Perfectly-cooked, pull-apart moist meat and a drizzle of spicy barbecue sauce accompanied by crunchy sour pickles and sweet-tangy pickled onions.

Mrs. Kim’s Kimchi – everyone was diving in for samples of this spicy, vinegary concoction

One thing hasn’t changed from last year, which is that this vendor has the longest line at Smorgasburg, and with good reason.  The brisket is tender with a great smoky flavor and a caramelized crust.  Add some pickled onions, a splash of sauce, and pile it up on a soft roll.

The second longest line at the market today was also a return vendor: Blue Bottle Coffee with their hand-brewed beverages. I think I maxed out on taking photos today for just a single market visit, so I created a slide show on Flickr to capture all of the hustle and bustle going on today.  Full of great food and caught up on the latest goings-on in our respective lives, after a few hours, we all headed our separate ways to finish up Saturday errands and projects.  I can’t wait to try some more fantastic foods and to discover some other amazing finds on our next trip.

Buon appetito!

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