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The London Candy Co. Cake Launch

A few months back, a bit of the UK came and put down roots in my neighborhood.  That’s when The London Candy Company opened its doors literally a block away from where I live.  I wrote about it for Woman Around Town, another site to which I contribute articles.  Now, they’ve gone and added an exclusive line of specialty cakes designed by Khahlidra Levister to mimic the flavors of some favoured British sweets to their product line (yes, I added the “u” on purpose), so I think I might really be sunk.

Turkish Delight Cadbury Dairy Milk cakes

It’s really pink on the inside

The first of the cakes that I tried was the one designed after the Dairy Milk bar with Turkish Delight.  I don’t mind the rosewater flavor of Turkish Delight.  I’ve never eaten it with chocolate before so I was a bit skeptical that it was even a good idea to combine these two tastes.  When I bit into the fluffy cake, a delicate aroma of light rose perfume hit my nose followed by smooth, creamy chocolate wrapping around my tongue.  For me, it worked, although for a few other folks to whom I spoke at the party, it wasn’t up their alley at all.

Double Decker cakes

The Double Decker cakes were fashioned after another candy bar I’ve never tried before.  With chocolate-covered crisped rice, it had sweet and crunchy going for it.  For me, it was enjoyable, but not my favorite one of the evening.  Someone else at the party said that she thought it tasted the most like candy of any of the cakes, which made it a hit for her.

Topic Bar cake

The original Topic Bar

My number two favorite of the evening was definitely the Topic Bar cake.  One of the reasons why is that the chef did something that I found brilliant, if my tastebuds are correct.  I picked up that the hazelnuts were roasted before being put into the cake, which meant that they held up and that their toasty, buttery flavor came through with each bite of soft, rich chocolate cake.

Chocolate Orange cake

Real Chocolate Oranges

Unfortunately, the cake that I had wanted to like the most was the one I ended up enjoying the least.  Normally, chocolate and orange is a hit flavor combination for me.  Somehow, I felt it didn’t work in this particular cake.  I don’t know if it needed to be a stronger citrus punch, like that which having candied peel throughout would have imparted or what it was, but it just fell a bit flat on my tongue.

After Eight cakes

Thin layer of mint with chocolate

My favorite one of the evening, as well as that of the manager, Howie, was the After Eight cake.  Mint can sometimes be a tricky flavor to capture without it tasting like toothpaste or those green, gummy slices that always seemed to be around at Christmastime.  This was a little bit closer to real mint essence, which I was told is due to the fact that the chef uses natural ingredients.

All-in-all I think that this is a unique and adventurous effort that The London Candy Company has launched.  With the supremacy of the cupcake still running rampant through our fair city, a selection of cakes that takes its inspiration from well-known UK sweets is a terrific addition to their shop and to the array of treats that one can buy in the neighborhood.  I can’t wait to try some of the other ones that were not available for us to sample tonight.  Look out for the Bounty and Mars bar creations and for a Lemon cake and Blackcurrant version, too.

Buon appetito!

The London Candy Company is located at 1442 Lexington Avenue in New York (corner of 94th Street).  It is also available for private events.

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