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Tomato Tart with Cheddar Crust

Tomatoes, or Pomodori (aka “Apples of Love” in Italian) are in peak season right now in the tri-state area here around New York, as well as in other parts of the country. The Greenmarket just seems to have exploded with them, their red, yellow, orange, and even purple colors jazzing up the greens of the zucchini, basil and corn husks, as well as the hues of the other summer bounty.

As with the apricot tart I’d made a few weeks ago, I’d been waiting, holding out, trying not to be tempted by the very first batch I’d seen, for the perfect moment to buy the small, pomodorini (little tomatoes) that I’d need to make a tomato tart recipe that I had pulled from an issue of BBC Good Food last summer. With the collection of tiny red, orange, and yellow gems that I brought home yesterday, the time seemed perfect to try it again.

The Tomato Tart with Cheddar Crust is just the perfect taste of summer, especially with the dog days of August lingering here. Crème fraîche, mustard (I use the grainy kind rather than regular Dijon), pastry with cheddar cheese (definitely get the sharp English variety), and perfectly-ripe, in-season little tomatoes – what else could one look for in a perfect summer lunch dish? As with many recipes I use again and again, this one does not have to be served piping hot. The appeal of this means that the timing doesn’t have to precisely sync with any other items you would put on the table.

Having it a room temperature, alongside a fresh green salad, would make an amazing, easy dinner as well. This means that it can be prepared in advance and set to the side until you are ready to serve it. It also means that you can cook it during the cooler time of day, as well, which is, in fact, what I did do.

Buon appetito!

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