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Turkey Curry Salad Sandwich

This morning, my day started in a bit of panic mode.  I was getting ready to attend an all-day training seminar and realized that we were supposed to pack a lunch so that we could also listen to a guest speaker during that time. I’m really not good at bringing my lunch, even when I work fulltime, so I was sort of stumped as to what to do.

Rummaging around in the fridge I happened upon a bit of a surprise.  Shoved into the back of the top shelve was leftover Turkey Curry, from post-Thanksgiving.  Remember when I talked about how turkey was the gift that kept on giving in my family?  I conducted the “smell test,” and it seemed o.k.  (Oh, you know the one: When someone opens up that random jar of stuff in the back of the fridge and asks you to shove your nose in it to see if it smells bad.)  All I needed to figure out was how to recycle it as something to take for lunch today.

From the Pita Chips / Crisps that I made last week, I still had a couple of extra pita pockets.  I also discovered that I had some extra almonds from the Almond Butter Crunch and a jar of Squadrilla Chutney. This made my creative culinary wheels start to kick into motion, even if my morning caffeine hadn’t quite gotten into my system.  What if I created a Turkey Curry Salad Sandwich?

So, I took the leftover turkey curry, which was about a cup, and figured out what I need to do next, based upon another curry salad that I’d eaten ages ago.  I added a dollop* of the chutney, a couple of squirts of mayonnaise, a small handful of almonds, and, then, for some freshness, put in about a tablespoon of chopped cilantro.  What I was looking for was a citrusy, tangy, tart balance to the spiciness of the curry.  The turkey really needed something to perk it up at this point.

When I unwrapped my sandwich a few hours later, I wasn’t disappointed.  This was much more interesting than your usual chicken or turkey salad sandwich.  It had several different flavors going on in every bite, with nothing too overpowering in any one of them.  I don’t usually opt for sandwiches for lunchtime, so it was nice to have something that was flavorful and multi-dimensional.  Best of all, I saved money by not buying something to eat, and I finally got rid of the last of the Thanksgiving turkey.

Buon appetito! *Kitchen Witch Tip: I know that not all of my readership is based in the U.S. and that not all measurements are standard.  To assist in using my recipes, I’ve included a Measures / Conversions page on the site.

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