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We Have a “Great Vegan Bean Book” Giveaway Winner!!!

Congratulations to Angela whom the Randomizer selected as the winner for this prize!!!  A big “Thank You” to everyone who entered this giveaway!  Thank you, too, to Kathy Hester for providing me with this cookbook and for allowing me to offer it to one of my readers in this giveaway.

It was very interesting to see the bean dishes that everyone listed in their responses.  Hummus seemed to be a popular dish.  One of my favorite recipes to make for parties, picnics, and gatherings is a version of this made with white beans: Rosemary-Garlic-White Bean Dip.  I use cannellini beans, but you could also substitute in Great Northern Beans, too.  This just shows again how versatile this foodstuff is and how many ways beans can be prepared, making them an ideal addition to one’s diet.

Buon appetito!


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