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We Have A Labor Day Cookout Pack Winner!!!

Congratulations to Kim Smith whom the Randomizer selected as the winner for this prize!!!!

I have to say, my mouth was watering as I was reading about everyone’s best dishes (or foods) that they ate this summer.  For me, as I continue to aim to eat a mostly local diet, it was heartening to see how many comments featured seasonal produce.  Really ripe, juicy, dripping, magenta slices of watermelon are the perfect way to finish a summer barbecue to my mind.  I have some fragrant peaches on my counter now just waiting to be devoured, and the ones I had from Eastern Market in Washington, DC in July are still memorable.  Thank you to everyone for sharing their summer eating experiences!

Thank you so much to Schoolhouse Kitchen and the Saucey Sauce Co. for their generosity in providing these items.  Please check out their websites for more information about where you can find these products and how to order them to be sent to you.  They also have recipes posted on their sites to give you more great ideas for how to use these items (including the ones for all the delicious things that we ate a few weekends ago at the Saucey Sauce Co. party).

I’m bursting to tell you what the next giveaway will be, but I can’t reveal it just yet!  At the New Amsterdam Ice Cream Sunday a couple of weeks ago, I ran into the person who is helping me organize the items for it.  It will have a tailgate-theme in line with football season.  You’ll have to check back in October, as the weather gets cooler and the air gets that crisp snap in it.  It’s possibly my favorite season!

Buon appetito!

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